Phi Kappa Psi Brothers need Custom Apparel Merch Gear

Why Phi Kappa Psi Members Need Custom Apparel

Why Phi Kappa Psi Members Need Custom Apparel

Getting to wear your fraternity letters after initiation is something special, especially if you are a member of Phi Kappa Psi. Having custom apparel to commemorate your membership in your fraternity is a must, especially if you get them for special events. Getting to have customized gear to wear on campus is a great way to show your pride in your fraternity and remember your fraternity’s events! 


One of the best time to get customized gear is for recruitment. Whether you are an incoming new member or have been a member of the fraternity for a while, it is always nice to celebrate the end of recruitment with matching custom gear. Whether you get a new customized graphic tee to commemorate rush or everyone in your fraternity gets customized apparel, having something to bond the newest incoming class is a nice way to introduce them to your brotherhood. If you have a specific theme for recruitment this is the perfect time to incorporate that as well!


Another great time to get customized gear is for formals or homecoming. If you have a specific theme for your formal, you can get customized tees to commemorate your event and even to sell to the attendees, making it a great way to fundraise as well! You can also get customized cups that can be used at the party and as keepsakes afterwards. Customized apparel for events such as formals and homecoming are a great way to get everyone excited about your event as well as have something to remind them of how much fun they had!


If your chapter has a few iconic parties that you throw, getting customized tees to sell to your fellow students is a great way to build more hype about your event as well as fundraise for it! You can get custom designed graphics to match the theme of your party and even get customized cups, shot glasses, and other memorabilia. If your school also does a parents weekend or young alumni weekend, you can also get customized apparel and accessories for these events as well!


If your fraternity does fundraisers or philanthropic events, it is also a great idea to get matching customized apparel for those events as well! Having your fraternity all match can help your event feel more put together and make it look like you’re all working together as a team! Depending on what sort of event you are doing, you could also get customized hats, sweats, socks, jerseys, and many other items. Having a customized apparel store is also a great way to fundraise within your own chapter especially if you sell to non-members like family and friends!




In conclusion, there is never a bad time to order customized apparel for Phi Kappa Psi members. Even if your chapter just wants a new hoodie or tee to represent your letters on campus, getting a customized order is a great way to ensure that you have unique apparel on campus!

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